We Love You Box to unbox love and gratitude from the Rakyat for the medical frontliners of Malaysia

Because “the human spirit is stronger than a virus”

People of Malaysia from all walks of life, NGOs, Corporate Malaysia, SMEs, solopreneurs as well as media networks unite through We Love You Box, a collaborative initiative, to send love in the form of care packages and message dedications appreciating medical frontliners.

Yuinny Soong had just left advertising to start her own agency, CNTRD Studio when she felt convicted by the plight of our medical frontliners just as our nation saw escalating record-high cases surpassing 20,000 cases a day. Very quickly, she started gathering like-minded people to join her on this cause and ran a survey and one-on-one talks with hospital directors to understand their needs. Soon enough, We Love You Box was formed as a repository for the public to send in their messages of love and contributions. 

Yuinny said of her objectives of creating We Love You Box: “I have had the honour to speak to medical officers; my heart reaches out to all of you at the frontlines. I hope that We Love You Box will motivate you, and help you find the light wherever you are. We are here for you; please know that you are not alone.”

We Love You Box aims to raise at least RM640,000 for 10 medical and quarantine centres around the country reaching out to more than 10,000 healthcare workers dealing with Covid-19 patients by this year-end. The first phase of the deployment will be made to Hospital Sungai Buloh, Hospital Kuala Lumpur and MAEPS in September. 

CEO of AMV+ and former CEO of The Star Media Group, Andreas Vogiatzakis aptly put the cause in perspective, “Our medical frontliners need us now more than ever to stand behind them. Whilst we fill their bellies, what about their mind and soul? After all, the human spirit is stronger than a virus.”

Andreas, who recently authored “Courage at the Crossroads” will be dedicating RM10 from each copy of his book purchase to We Love You Box. To contribute, visit amvplus.com and order your book via IHUB using coupon code WLYB.

Other personalities and thought leaders who have also joined the We Love You Box cause include Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, Dr. Hartini Zainudin, Raymond Goh, Sazzy Falak, Jaclyn Victor, Elvira Arul, Altimet, Douglas Lim, Dr. Jason Leong, Azura Zainal, Brandon Ho, film and TV producer Lina Tan, Celebrity Photographer Kid Chan, and last but not least, Director of Hospital Sungai Buloh Dr. Kuldip Kaur. 

Hundreds of messages have been collected since the initiative started just a couple of weeks ago. Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir hailed our medical frontliners as true heroes in her heartfelt note: “What can we say to our frontliners except thank you for your service, for your sacrifices, for your dedication. You’re our true heroes, women and men, and we are forever grateful. Sending lots of love, Marina.”

CEO of Signature Market, Edwin Wang thoughtfully wrote, “I am constantly in awe of our frontliners doing their part in keeping Malaysia safe. I would like to send a virtual hug and all my love and appreciation to everyone. I know it has not been easy but I am very grateful for your dedication in protecting our community so a big thank you to all of you.” 

Nathaniel Tan of Projek Bangsa Malaysia, the NGO behind the heart-wrenching video highlighting the cries of our medical frontliners that led to the formation of We Love You Box, has this to say, “You have served Malaysia more than anyone else, all these years, throughout Covid. You have sacrificed more than anyone else. We will never be able to give as much as you have, but we hope we can serve you in some small little way. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Messages that are collected will be curated and displayed on www.weloveyoubox.com as well as We Love You Box Telegram. Medical frontliners are invited to visit the website or join the Telegram channel to receive motivational doses of love and gratitude from around the nation – the man on the street, influencers, celebrities and industry captains alike. They can also tune in to any of their favourite Astro Radio’s 11 channels to listen to the message and song dedications made to them as part of Astro Radio KamiCare programme.

The We Love You Box collective comprises NGOs such as Sedunia, Projek Bangsa Malaysia, Kembara Kitchen, Caremongers Malaysia, Raleigh Kuala Lumpur, pitchIN, Reachout Malaysia, Persatuan Kebangsaan Pelajar Islam Malaysia and Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM) in addition to the core We Love You Box team of 12 volunteers from the advertising and marketing field, among others.

Sponsors so far include Signature Market, SUNSTAR Foods and Bergamot. Anyone can sponsor a We Love You Box care package budgeted at RM64 per medical frontliner in which they will receive energy and immunity boosters, protective gears as well as personalised mementos.

Join the We Love You Box movement by taking part in their pledge via their Facebook or Instagram. Support our medical frontliners today by sending a message of gratitude and making a donation via www.weloveyoubox.com. 100% of all proceeds will be channeled towards funding the care packs for medical frontliners. For collaborations or corporate sponsorships, kindly email us at contact@weloveyoubox.com.

About We Love You Box

We Love You was created with the purpose of providing motivation and support to our medical frontliners. It is a collaborative initiative rallying the people of Malaysia and change makers to Corporate Malaysia to honour, encourage and give strength to them national heroes to push through these extremely difficult times. We Love you Box aims to raise a minimum of RM640,000, whereby 100% of all proceeds will be channeled towards funding and distributing the care packages to the medical frontliners by the end of 2021. The We Love You Box website, www.weloveyoubox.com serves as a repository for anyone to submit their message of gratitude and make a donation via its funding-raising partner, Sedunia (Epic Society).