Whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial, co-create Tomorrow & Beyond with EcoWorld

Since January 2021, EcoWorld and iMedia have been at the forefront in supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs via the Bina Bersama 2021 campaign, which helps shortlisted SME businesses build their digital awareness with grant giveaways totaling RM1 million* worth of media advertising. Both EcoWorld and iMedia are conscious of the difficulties faced by business owners and entrepreneurs when trying to get exposure for products and service, all while competing with established players in the market with bigger budgets and platforms.

By being a part of this campaign, SMEs and local businesses are given the opportunity to advertise online for free through platforms such as Oh! Media, Goody25, Newswav, ITTIFY and more – which combined have a total unique visitor count of more than 2.9 million! As of today, the Bina Bersama 2021 campaign has reached an incredible 90% take-up rate across the Klang Valley, Johor Bahru and Penang. EcoWorld and iMedia are looking to distribute the remaining ad grant before year end.

Aside from crafting programmes to benefit and grow local SMEs, EcoWorld has also launched its latest marketing campaign – Together We Create. It explores the unique co-creation concept that evolves around its customers. This approach will see EcoWorld providing design concepts and green innovations while also taking customers’ wants and dreams into consideration to create a place and community for generations.

In keeping its goal of being a responsible business, EcoWorld intends to be there for its customers – every step of their journey. From choosing a dream home to post-purchase services, EcoWorld takes into account every need so that at the end of the day, customers walk away with more than just a building.

Together We Create Joyful Living  

Through EcoWorld’s extensive research and consumer insights, they’ve found out that there is a need for homes catering to first-time homebuyers, young families, and families who want to be near each other yet not living under the same roof. With that, the concepts of Co-Home and ErgoHomes were brought to life.

With the growing demand for homes that suit multi-generational living, EcoWorld’s Co-Home offers a hybrid living concept consisting of affordable landed homes. These 2-storey terraced homes are split into two units with the same footprint making it perfect for families to live close to each other without forgoing each families’ personal space.

ErgoHomes on the other hand, strays from the usual terrace houses as each unit is designed and built as a corner unit. Inspired by the science of ergonomics and the idea of efficient space planning, these landed properties are spacious yet affordable, especially for newlyweds and young families.

Alternatively, EcoWorld’s collection of Garden Homes is an innovative home unit where you can enjoy both indoor and outdoor living lifestyles. Garden Homes at Eco Grandeur has a 5-feet* side garden that can be transformed into a mini zen garden or relaxation spot. The Garden Homes at Eco Botanic has a 10-feet* lifestyle porch with stunning views of both front and back gardens and can be converted into an indoor WFH space, entertainment area, kids play area, or even an outdoor BBQ and dining area! Not to forget a 20-feet* to 30-feet* Backlane Garden where kids can enjoy the outdoors without the presence of cars and other vehicles in this car-free zone.

Garden Homes are now available at Eco Grandeur @ Klang Valley and Eco Botanic @ Iskandar Malaysia. Contact Eco Grandeur’s Sales Representative or Eco Botanic’s Sales Representative for more details.

Eco Horizon’s Semi-D and Bungalow homes come with a flexible layout that allows the maximisation of space for big families and guests. Enjoy both indoor and outdoor living with private greenery and a beautiful and spacious backlane garden. Aside from having exclusive clubhouse facilities, all of Eco Horizon’s residential precincts are gated and guarded with security and 360-degree CCTV. Get to know more about these Semi-D and Bungalow homes located in the serene neighbourhood of Eco Horizon by contacting Eco Horizon’s Sales Representative.

Together We Create Thriving Communities 

Together We Create isn’t only for homebuyers; businesses can also be part of the community. Aside from a much sought-after premium business addresses, operating an enterprise at EcoWorld’s locations will provide your venture with the right network, connectivity, innovation and sustainability for a successful business.

Together We Create Sustainable Businesses

With townships that are always growing and evolving, young entrepreneurs and business owners are carving their paths at EcoWorld’s business parks. When it comes to industrial products, EcoWorld’s elite Eco Business Park (EBP) team is made up of professionals that are well-versed and experienced in providing one-stop business solutions. Aside from having high-speed broadband and telecommunications infrastructure, EBP is also a low-carbon footprint product designed to achieve cross-ventilation and natural daylight optimisation to save on electricity usage. 

Eco Business Park I is a unified industrial hub in Tebrau that offers a flexi space concept for businesses with a whole floor loading of 10kN/m2, making it perfect for corporate offices, retailing, showrooms, warehousing and more. Each unit comes with energy-efficient skylights to reduce the need for artificial lighting. EBP I is also designed to allow owners to expand the mezzanine floor for future needs. Learn more about EBP by contacting Eco Business Park I’s Sales Representative.

If you are looking for a Dream Home Package or a Business Launchpad Package with EcoWorld, you are at the right place. Take the first step today to co-create your future with EcoWorld. Together We Create sustainable places for you and your loved ones, for generations. Book an appointment now at your preferred EcoWorld location HERE.

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