You Can Now Search For Stores With Less Traffic!

Imagine this, you’re heading to the supermarket or hypermarket outlet to run your errands. Fruits for the grown-ups and milk for the kids. Traffic is bad as per usual, the line to go in and out of the store is way too long, and social distancing has retracted life to a slower than usual pace.

Not to mention, there is a deadly virus lurking in the air, and we can never be sure if we are ever safe from it. If that describes your situation, we’ve got news for you because Goodday Milk is collaborating with the widely popular navigation app, Waze, to help ensure a safer shopping experience!

Current standard operating procedure (SOP) guidelines require at least 2 meters between individuals, and it’ll be hard to do so especially when in crowded areas. Everyday activities such as grocery shopping have since been adjusted to fit the new norm. Traffic has also been through drastic changes as it has been back to usual with the happenings of the recovery movement control order (RMCO).

In its bid to help consumers adapt with the ever-changing situation, this campaign could not have come at a more perfect time as Goodday Milk is doing its part by implementing technology and digital initiatives into our new reality while championing its consumers’ safety and well-being at the same time.

Groceries. We need it for our elders, our kids and even for ourselves. So, how can we integrate safety with grocery shopping during a global pandemic? Simple, we use the Waze app! With the support of the largest community of drivers, Waze is able to showcase valuable insights for its consumers and brands; all while guaranteeing a smooth and efficient drive. It’s a perfect match for Goodday Milk, an essential product that is consumed daily, and Waze, an app that is used daily!

Drivers would just need to key in certain keywords into Waze’s search bar, such as groceries, hypermarket or supermarket, and Waze will utilize data intelligence to share suggestions for lower traffic options. That’s not it! When you’re traveling and are within the set proximity any low-traffic supermarket or hypermarket outlet – Waze will prompt you by suggesting the outlet in a takeover banner.

By utilizing Waze’s historical navigation data, users will be able to identify hypermarket and supermarket outlets that have lower traffic, a much-needed tool to minimize the risk of exposure during this ongoing pandemic.

Less car traffic means less foot traffic! And this all creates a more safer shopping experience with social distancing in the happenings. This campaign is another clear sign that Goodday Milk has always and will continue to strive for consumer safety and well-being with its various initiatives and campaigns all year round. 

Goodday Milk has constantly been championing safety during these trying times with various initiatives -including a Tamil at-home live concert, a virtual moreh session during Ramadan and the launch of a WebAR based initiative that brought celebrities to life in the homes of consumers during Hari Raya, advocating for consumers to stay safe. This is yet another initiative by Goodday Milk in encouraging safety to consumers to bring them good day.

The movement control order (MCO) period has been challenging, but Goodday Milk maintains its path for being an advocate, an advocate for its consumers to stay safe and also to make the best out of the situation given. 

Goodday Milk’s partnership with Waze will be activated from August onwards and currently has a coverage of only Klang Valley.